Blackheath - Anvil Rock, Perrys Lookdown, Wildflowers 25-26 October 2014

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Chuin Nee, John, Jasper (and Rik for the sunset)

Anvil Rock - Dusk

We were heading to Perrys Lookdown to camp. For dinner we grabbed some food in Blackheath and a few beers and headed out to Anvil Rock for the sunset and to watch a passing storm. Rik joined us.

Above - Thunderstorm above Mt Banks

Above - The Upper Grose Valley

Above - Rigby Hill, Walls Lookout and some of the climbing area of Pierces Pass

Above - Enjoying the view. A good place for dinner and a drink. John (with Jasper), Chuin Nee and Rik

Above - Lightning strike on Mt Tomah

Perrys Lookdown - Dawn

Above - A tiny amount of morning mist in Blue Gum Forest

Above - On the way to Blackheath, we stopped to admire some nice Waratahs. (Telopea speciosissma)

Above - There were even some white Waratahs. (Telopea speciosissma)

Above - At the Altitude Cafe in Blackheath, Jasper likes his babycino

Swimming Hole

It was a very hot day - so on the way down the Blue Mountains we stopped off to to enjoy a swim in a nice bush pool.

Above - John, Jasper and Chuin Nee

Above - The swimming hole is popular with locals

Above - And some of them enjoy water jumps

Above - Chuin Nee has a jump

Above - The high water jump is very spectacular but probably a bit foolhardy. This jumper needed some painkillers.

Above - Jasper wanted to have a jump too

Above - John has a jump (from the lower ledge)

Above - The pool

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