Erskine Creek Walk - 17-18 August 2013

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Party - Martin, Dave

Route - Jack Evans Track - Erskine Ck - Big Crater Creek - ridge to the north - Erskine Ck and Junction of Lincoln Ck - Pisgah Rock

Above - Thelymitra venosa

Above - Gompholobium latifolium

Above - platform above Erskine Ck near the Jack Evans Track

Above - Erskine Ck and Big Crater Ck

Above - Erskine Ck

Above - Erskine Ck

Above - Erskine Ck

Above - fossils

Above - looking up Big Crater Ck

Above - Erskine Ck from above the Dadder Cave. Little Crater Creek joins Erskine Ck on the left.

Above - Erskine Ck

Above - Martin on the rock platforms

We camped on the rock platforms near here. It was very windy on the tops.

Above - dusk

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