Erskine Creek Walk - 27-28 July 2013

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Party - John, Chuin Nee, Jasper, Dave

Erskine Creek lies in the Blue Labyrinth section of Blue Mountains National Park.

Above - Jasper - ready to set off

Above - The Attic Cave, near Pisgah Rock

Above - wild flower

Above - Erskine Ck

Above - John, Jasper and Chuin Nee on the Tierney Track

Above - the track is steep in places  -and we used a handline for safety with the baby

Above - we had lunch, and later camped in this nice campsite at the junction of Erskine Ck and Lincoln Ck

Above - this huge swimming pool in Erskine Ck is right at the campsite. It is great in summer.

Above - Chuin Nee on rock slabs just below the pool

Above - Erskine Ck rapids

Above - Jasper enjoys the rock slabs in the sun

Above - stream detail above the pool near Lincoln Ck

Above - evening stars

Above - Early morning - back to the rapids

The photos are continued on this page

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