Faulconbridge to Glenbrook Walk - 15 - 16 May 2014

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Wendy was keen to do a walk and after a couple of suggestions, we decided to walk from Faulconbridge to Glenbrook in the Blue Labyrinth section of the Lower Blue Mountains. Our route was the Victory Track, Sassafras Gully, Perch Ponds, Sharks Head Cave, Lost World Lookout, St Helena, The Duckhole, Glenbrook.

Above - Trichia verrucosa - a slime mould

Above - Lycoperdon pyriforme (puffballs)

Above - Coprinus disseminatus

Above - Cortinarius archeri

Above - Cortinarius archeri

Above - Boletellus emodensis

Above - Boletellus emodensis

Above - Anthracobia muelleri

Above - Austropaxillus infundibuliformis ? - attacked by a mould

Above - Collybia eucalyptorum ?

Above - a native grape covered in mould

Above - Hygrocybe firma (or H miniata)

Above - Ramaria anziana

Above - Cyptotrama aspratum (Golden Tufts)

Above - Wendy relaxing at the big pool at the Glenbrook Creek - Sassafras Gully junction

Above - swirl-hole formation - Glenbrook Creek

Above - small cascade

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