Florabella Pass - Pippas Pass - 17 May 2015

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

The fungi identifications here that I made are only amateurish - and I would appreciate any additions or corrections.

Wendy had organised a walk from Warrimoo to Blaxland via Florabella Pass and Pippas Pass. Party - Wendy, John, Chuin Nee, Jasper, Martin, Staffy, Rob, Chantel, Digi Dave, Dave N

Above - The start of the track

Above - Heading down the track

Above - Nice old stone steps

Above - Orchid - Caladenia sp

Above - Cortinarius archeri

Above - Perhaps Entoloma sp

Above - Descolea recedens

Above - Mycena sp

Above - Mycoacia subceracea

Above - Perhaps - Cortinarius australiensis?

Above - Orchid - Pterostylis sp

Above - Ramaria anziana

Above - Ramaria anziana

Above - Ramaria anziana

Above ?

Above - Ramaria anziana

Above - Perhaps - Gymnopilus junonius?

Above - Cortinarius archeri

Above - an old  Cortinarius archeri ?

Above - Perhaps an old Cortinarius austrovenetus?

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