Springwood to Blaxland Walk - 13 August 2014

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Route - Springwood - Fairy Dell - Magdala Falls - Glenbrook Creek - Perch Ponds - Psalm Rock - Kings Link Track - Bunyan Lookout - St Helena Track - Bullant Track - Glenbrook Creek - Pippas Pass - Blaxland

This was an afternoon walk from Springwood to Blaxland.

Above - A small waterfall in Fairy Dell - dry!

Above - Fern

Above - Hibbertia sp

Above - Magdala Ck

Above - Dracophyllum secundum

Above - Discinella terrestris

Above - Looking up at the cross on Lost World Lookout. In this photo - it looks like there are some letters carved into the rock just under the cross. Perhaps an ilusion?

Above - Campsite near the turn-off to Martins Lookout

Above - Glenbrook Creek - boulders and watergums

Above - Glenbrook Creek. I went downstream about 100 m from the Kings Link Track crossing spot to Psalm Rock

Above - Psalm Rock - the words of the 23rd Psalm carved into the rock - a long time ago.

Above - Glenbrook Creek

Above - view of the gorge from near Bunyan Lookout

Above - View from Bunyan Lookout

Above - View from Bunyan Lookout

Above - View from Bunyan Lookout

Above - I walked to this point on the St Helena Track. Here the Bullant Track turns off and goes along a side ridge to Glenbrook Creek.

Above - The Bullant Track descending to Glenbrook Creek

Above - Glenbrook Creek

Above - Nice trees in Pippas Pass

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