Glenbrook Gorge Walk - 20 January 2013

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This was a solo walk from Glenbrook station. I walked to the National Park Visitor Centre and then down the track that leaves from just behind the centre to Glenbrook Gorge. I hadn't been down this way for a long time and the new track has been very well made. Its only about a ten minute walk down to Glenbrook Creek. I then continued on through the gorge. Most of the walking is on open slabs on the true right. It is for the most part easy pleasant walking but the creek was low and looked very polluted. So - not many photos of the cascades and rapids. What was nice however was some sections with huge numbers of swirl holes on the rock slabs. Further down at the climbing area - there were two climbers, and I saw another party of young people downstream - otherwise a quiet day. Further down the gorge, you pass by some sandstone overhangs - unfortunately covered in graffiti. It was easier for a while on the left bank until close to the junction with the Nepean River. At the river, I followed a track along its back which took me to a fire trail that went up to Lapstone Station. I then followed backstreets of Lapstone and found a connecting track that took me up to the Bluff Lookout. On the way were fine views of Glenbrook Gorge and bits of local history - the old tramway used to construct the railway deviation. Then, more backstreet walking - through Glenbrook to the station.

Above - Angophoras on the walk down

Above - near Glenbrook Creek

Above - Glenbrook Creek

Above - water gums (tristania) - all pointing downstream

Above - swirl holes

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