Glenbrook Gorge - Photographic Trip - 14 July 2013

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

I had visited Glenbrook Gorge earlier in the year. Then, there was little flow in Glenbrook Creek and what water there was looked polluted. This time I was hoping that there might be more water. There was. I had a really nice day pottering around with my camera and tripod.

Above - Hardenbergia

Above - Glenbrook Creek - rapids

Above - Glenbrook Creek - water looking clear

Above - water gum (Tristania)

Above - the massive sandstone cliffs of Glenbrook Gorge

Above - swirl holes in the rock platform

Above - Glenbrook Gorge

Above - massive boulders in the streambed

Above - rough-barked apple (Angophora Floribunda)

Above - rock slabs

Above - another part heading downstream

Above - water gums

Above - water gum (Tristania)

Above - rough-barked apple (Angophora Floribunda)

I left the Gorge here - climbing up above, over the top of the railway tunnel to the tracks near the Bluff Lookout. This was quite easy to do and involved some easy scrambling and a little scrub.

Above - Glenbrook Gorge from the Bluff Lookout

Above - looking down Glenbrook Gorge to the Cumberland Plain

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