Great North Walk - Brooklyn to Hornsby - 23-24 June 2012

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

The walk was organised by Helen for SUBW. Party - Helen, Kosta, Chantal, Luke, Laura, Mitch, Dave

Day 1 - Brooklyn - Jerusalem Bay - Cowan - Berowra Waters

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Above - Brooklyn Dam

Above - Brookyn Dam

Above - Too cold for a swim, Chantal has a swing and holds on tight

Above - Hawkesbury River at Brooklyn

Above - rock slabs

Above - Jerusalem Bay

Above - Jerusalem Bay

Above - Jerusalem Bay

Above - crossing the motorway

Above - arriving at Cowan

Above - lunch, above Joe Crafts Creek

Above - Joe Crafts Creek

Above - the party on day 1 - Dave, Laura, Luke, Chantal, Helen, Kosta

Above - Chantal

Above - above Berowra Waters

Above - we have a cold drink at Berowra Waters and consider the best place to camp. We get some water and back track 20 minutes to the top of the last hill where there was a nice campsite and great rick platform. We farewell Laura, who is walking out to Berowra.

Above - the rock platform - a good place for a platter and some wine or port. Soon after Mitch joined us.

Above - the Berowra punt

Above - dusk. As well as the Moon, Mercury is just visible. It is a tiny dot just to the left of the lower tree branch. The stars Sirius and Procyon can be seen on the left and in the middle.

Above - the Moon

Above - night view. A 30 second exposure shows some mist rolling in

Above - Stars and the Milky Way. It was a nice clear night (and a cool one - it got down to 2°C)

The photos are continued on this page

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