Burramoko Head - Hanging Rock - Blackheath - 18-19 May 2013

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Party - Chuin Nee, John, Jasper, Dave

Hanging Rock is located near Baltzer Lookout at Burramoko Head - about an hours walk from Blackheath. We found some small campsites near the lookout.

Above - Grose cliffs and canyon slots

Above - Mt Banks and Bald Head

Above - John with Jasper admiring the views

Above - Burramoko Head

Above - Hanging Rock

Above - John on Hanging Rock

Above - My Banks and Bald Head

Above - Hanging Rock - taken with moonlight and some light painting on Hanging Rock

Above - first light - dawn

Above - the nose of Hanging Rock

Above - Chuin Nee photographing

Above - Bald Head

Our next objective was the Little Zig Zag and Rienits Pass at Mt Victoria

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