Katoomba to Picton Walk - 2 - 8 July 2006

Part 2

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Above - Stacey and Huw walking on Vengeance Peninsula

Above - Dave L looks towards Broken Rock Range

Above - Looking ahead to the "thin bit" on Vengeance Peninsula

Above - Approaching the "thin bit"

Above - On the "thin bit"

Above - Looking ahead to Bull Island and the rest of Axehead Mountain

Above - Looking towards Bull Island Pak (Alchemy Mountain) and Yerranderie Peak in the far distance

Above - Tom pointing towards our campsite

Above - Bull Island Peak from our fourth campsite on Toddy Head

Above - Tom watches the sunrise above Green Wattle Creek

Above - Bull Island and Vengeance Peninsula from Axehead Mountain

Above - Nicole scrambling

Above - Huw looking at some aboriginal sharpening grooves

Above - On Axehead Mountain - Tom Photographing Nicole and Dave L

Above - Because of high wind we traversed lower down through a series of caves

Above - on the road to Yerranderie

Above - Our fifth camp - in the Wollondilly Valley

Above - Approaching the Wollondilly River. Bonum Pic behind.

Above - Crossing the Wollondilly (some water had recently been reelased from some upstream dams)

Above - At Belloon Pass

Above - View west from Belloon Pass looking at the Wollondilly Valley, Yerranderie Peak and Byrnes Gap. Axehead Mountain is just to the right of Byrnes Gap.

Above - Our sixth campsite - above Martins Creek

Above - Hard going. Dave L in scrub

Above - Nicole and Huw in scrub above Martins Creek

Above - Stacey and Nicole climbing out from a side tributary of Martins Creek

Above - Nicole looking down into Little River at the junction of Centre Creek

Above - Having lunch above Little River

Above - Little River and Centre Creek (on right). We descended off the ridge (Centre Range) in the middle of the photo.

Above - Dinner at Picton, Huw, Tom, Stacey, Dave L, Nicole and Dave N

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