Kingdom Come Walk 2-3 November 2013

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Roger, Jeremy, Dave

The was a walk from Waterfall to Heathcote - largely in Heathcote National Park.

Above - Roger and jeremy

Above - Native Iris (Patersonia longifolia)

Above - Actinotus minor

Above - Jeremy

Above - Grevillea

Above - streambed - Kingfisher Pool

Above - Roger and Jeremy in the Kingfisher Pool

Above - Tristania neriifolia

Above - Bee on Leptospermum

Above - Roger and Jeremy in the big Pool (The Boobera Pool) at Kingdom Come

Above - Jeremy helps put up the tent

Above - Woronora River

Above - The Boobera Pool - Woronora River

Above - Callistemon

Above - About to leave the campsite at Kingdom Come

Above - Angophora

Above - We walk back to Heathcote via the Pipeline Track

Above - Kunzea

Above - Grevillea

Above - Drosera

Above - Drosera

Above - Roger and Jeremy

Above - Actinotus helianthi

Above - Starting along the Friendly Track

Above - Dipodium punctatum

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