La Perouse - Cape Banks Walk - 16 December 2015

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Above - The Old Customs Tower at La Perouse. When I arrived it looked like a storm was approaching, so I thought it best to wait near shelter rather than set out on my walk. This was a wise decision.

Above - Bare Island

I then retreated to a cafe for an hour or so and waited till the storm passed over.

Above - this creek at Congwong Beach looked a bit tricky to cross

Above - I headed back up to the road and crossed the creek on the higher track that goes out to Henry Head.

Above - As the storm passed over mammatus clouds formed.

Above - Mammatus clouds

Above - Looking to Cape Banks

Above - Rock formations on Cape Banks

Above - Button Grass - Gymnoschoenus sphaerocephalus

Above - Bare Island and the Container Terminal

Above - Little Congwong Beach and the city

Above - A Bonnet Orchid - Cryptostylis erecta

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