Dog Face Gully - Narrow Neck (Katoomba) - 1 August 2014

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Dog Face Gully is a pass onto Narrow Neck near Katoomba. The pass starts just west of the Landslide (Dogface) - and follows up a steep gully through the lower cliffline. Then a ledge to the east is followed until a short technical corner is reached which provides a route through the upper cliffline. Then it is easy going to the Narrow Neck Road.

Party - Bob, Dave

We started walking down the Furber Steps at 9:30 am and reached the top of the pass around 11 am, so we then headed out to explore some nearby lookouts.

Above - Bob on the traverse ledge

Above - Dave on the steep technical corner. This was the only place we used a rope - to haul up our packs. The corner was about 8 m of climbing. Photo by Bob Sault

Above - Dave on the corner. Photo by Bob Sault

Above - Bob on the corner

Above - Nellies Glen from Peckmans Lookout

Above - this photo from Peckmans Lookout shows the two lookout we visited next. In the top left corner is John Britty North Lookout. Therabulat Lookout is on the rock outcrop near the top about 1/4 way across from the right edge.

Above - View from the John Britty North Lookout

Above - View from the Therabulat Lookout

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