Lockleys Pylon - Blue Gum Forest Walk - 27-28 October 2012

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Party - Su Li, Martin, Albert, Col, Mark, Disco Stu, Rik, Wendy, Dave

It was Su Li's birthday - and she organised a trip down to Blue Gum Forest via Lockleys Pylon. The wildflowers on the walk were particularly striking.

Thanks to Roger Lembit for help with the flower identification.

Above - Dillwynia elegans

Above - on a nice rock formation

Abive - heading out to Lockleys Pylon

Above - climbing Lockleys Pylon

Above - on Lockleys Pylon

Above - Grose cliffs

Above - the party on Lockleys Pylon

Above - Grevillea sericea

Above - waterfall at the end of Fortress Creek Canyon

Above - Mark looking down the Grose Valley

Above - an unusual white Fringe Lily (Thysanotus tuberosus). The next day, on the way out - we went looking for the white flowers again - without succes. There were lots (hundreds) of purple fringe lilies around in the nearby heath (see later photos). The flowers only last one day.

Above - Thelionema caespitosum

Above - this skink lived near our lunch spot and was looking for crumbs

Above - The Du Faur Buttress leading down to Blue Gum Forest

Above - At Blue Gum Forest - the mighty wall of Mt Banks and Govetts Creek

Above - Blue Gum Forest (Eucalyptus deanei)

Above - the cliffs of Mt Banks

Above - our camp at Acacia Flat

Above - Blue Gum Forest (on Sunday morning)

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