Medlow Bath Daywalk - 10 April 2010

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Su Li, Anna, Dave

Thanks to Su Li for organising this interesting walk. We spent a nice day wabdering around the clifftops behind the Hydro Majestic Hotel at Medlow Bath. The tracks and scenic and historical features are outlined on Tom Brennan's website here and here and Alan Wells' website (and thanks to them for their efforts in sharing this information).

Above - The Three Brothers

Above - Su Li on the second of the Brothers

Above - Su Li on the third of the Brothers

Above - Anna joined in

Above - Anna on the cliffs

Above - Su Li photographing

Above - relics of the old flying fox - which was once used to haul food up from Megalong Valley to the Hydro Majestic Hotel

Above - Anna looking at climbs at the Flying Fox climbing area

Above - Looking down

Above - What is Su Li photographing?

Above - Su Li in Maxines Bower

Above - Anna in a cave that was once built up with walls

Above - Looking down to the Underworld - another climbing area

Above - we had lunch at this nice spot

Above - we also spotted a rock climb just to the right of the arete

Above - Su Li descending via this cleft

Above - Su Li bridging the cleft

Above - In the Underworld - there were lots of quite steep rock climbs going up the overhang

Above - look carefully for the quickdraws

Above - look carefully for the quickdraws

Above - back on the cliffs again

Above - looking down to the Colesseum

Above - Su Li

Above - looking back to our lunchspot (on top of the back left middle cliff). The cleft was behind the middle rock formation.

Above - Near the Sunbath, we spotted these two climbers (we think on "Wake Up and Apologise" (22) at Reservoir Dogs climbing area)

Above - one last view - looking to the Wild Dog Mts, Mt Cloudmaker and Kanangra Walls

We then headed to the cafe near the station for coffee, and the ncought the train down the mountains.

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