Medlow Bath Walk  - 27 January 2016

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Wendy, Digi Dave, Dave

We walked from Belgravia St, down to Tuckers Lookout and then descended Sentinel Pass and around the base of the cliffs to the Coliseum. After having lunch, we continued on Murphys Track around a loop back to the bottom of Sentinel Pass, then back up to Belgravia St.

Above - The view from Tuckers Lookout near the Sunbath

Above - Wendy on the Sentinel Pass Track

Above - the pass goes through this tunnel

Above - This old engraving is at the top of the tunnel

Above - at the base of the cliffs

Above - Clavulinopsis sulcata

Above - Drosera binata

Above - Wendy at the Coliseum

Above - at the Coliseum there are two other walkers. We stop there for lunch. From here, we descded a bit further on Murphys Track and around back to the Base of Sentinel Pass. It was too wet to take more photos.

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