Mt Banks Traverse - 18  May 2016

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Bob, Dave

Above - The Grose Valley, looking towards Perrys Lookdown

Above - Bob on the traverse which follows a ledge of shale (the Wentworth Falls Claystone)

Above - Thinsg get interesting at the westen end of the ledge - a deep gulch - the "Devils Throat" must be negotiated. There are several ledges at different levels that lead into the chasm, but only one of these leads to a negotiable ledge out.

Above - this gulch is probably a dyke

Above - a nice pool of water

Above - Bob looking into the Devils Throat

Above - We eventually work out the right way to go - and find a logbook left by Springwood Bushwalker Phil Foster.

Above - Looking back at our traverse ledge

Above - Lower down is the half-way ledge (the Mt York Claystone)

Above - Over the valley is Brownes Pass and Burramoko Head and Hanging Rock

Above - It is a short walk back to the Mt Banks track which crosses the heath on the top left

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