Mt Harvey - Red Rocks Walk - 14 - 17 April 2017

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Party - Dave W, Martin, Michael, Wendy, Dave

Day 1 - 14 April

Above  Climbing up the ridge to Mt Harvey

Above - The summit block of Mt Harvey

Above - Dave W on Mt Harvey

Above - This panorama view from Mt Harvey shows almost all the rest of our walk - along the tops, from right to left.

Above - A bullant with wings.

Above - Looking back down to the Capertee Valley

Above - Looking ahead

Above - Further along

Above - Wendy walking in the heath

Above - Mt Dawson

Above - Crossing pagodas. We camped not far past here.

Above - Mt Stewart and Baal Bone Point

Above - Pantoneys Crown

Above - Mt Dawson

Day 2 - 15 April

Above - Dawn

Above - Mt Stewart and Baal Bone Point

Above - Woolpack Rock

Above - Looking at the Wolgan Cliffs. This rock peninsula looks interesting.

Above - Woolpack Rock

Above - Martin looks at the way ahead

Above - Looking back at the rock peninsula in the Wolgan Valley

Above - Views near Point March

Above - Wendy looks along where we will walk the next day

Above - Looking at the Red Rocks

Above - The Red Rocks

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