Benge Memorial Weekend - 21 - 23 November 2014

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Page 1 - Leura and Katoomba Lookouts

Above - Rock formations on the Leura cliffs

Above - Mt Solitary

Above - Callicoma serratifolia

Above - a small bird (scrubwren?) at Sublime Point

Above - Dusk - Looking towards the Blue Breaks from Sublime Point

Above - Sunset

Above - at Sublime Point Lookout

After dinner at the Family Hotel, we headed off to camp on Narrow Neck. I got up early the next morning - but there was thick mist.

Above - Dawn - Narrow Neck

Above - Aboriginal sharpening grooves

Above - The Three Sisters

Above - Jamison Valley

Above - Digi Dave spotted these nice orchids growing at Gordon Falls Reserve at Leura (we had gone to the Reserve to fill up our water bottles). The orchids are Cinnamon Bells, or the Potato Orchid (Gastrodia sesamoides)

Above - Gastrodia sesamoides. This orchid has no leaves and depends on fungi to grow.

Above - Gastrodia sesamoides

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