Mt Solitary Walk - 13 - 14 July 2014

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Wendy, Dave

Above - On the Golden Stairs - Wendy finds a nice flower to photograph

Above - Hibbertia scandens (Thanks  to Thomas Glass for the id)

Above - A brand new shelter shed at the base of the Ruined Castle

Above - And there was a second one (and a toilet)

Above - Wendy spotted this funky tree

Above - Climbing up onto Mt Solitary

Above - Mt Solitary

Above - Wendy almost at the top of Mt Solitary

Above - Castle Head, the Ruined Castle and an outcrop on the  ridge to Mt Solitary (with a party on top)

Above - Castle Head and the Ruined Castle

Above - Lake Burragorang and the Blue Breaks

Above - Gangerang Range and the Coxs River valley and a distant Kanangra Walls

Above - Lake Burrangorang

Above - Mt Cookem (close peak with cliff line)

Above - Part of Mt Solitary

Above - Ruined Castle

Above - Ruined Castle

Above - Dusk

Above - Wendy photographing

Above - Dusk

Above - The Milky Way

Above - Me looking at the Milky Way (It was cold - and hard to stand still!)

Above - Dawn

Above - Wendy - well rugged up

Above - Castle Head and the Ruined Castle

Above - Looking south - Mt Cookem, The Low Gangerang Range, The Blue Breaks and Mt Colong

Above - The High Gangerang Range and transmission lines

Above - Disgusting! Toilet paper just near the track to Melvilles Lookout

Above - Treefern

Above - The Three Sisters from Bottings Lookout on the Golden Stairs

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