Undercliff Walk, National Pass and Valley of the Waters - 13 January 2015

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

It was John's surprise birthday party - and his wife Claire had organised a nice walk at Wentworth Falls.

Above - on the Undercliff Track

Above - a great view of Mt Solitary

Above - heading down into Den Fenella

Above - we stop for cake at the Rocket Point turn-off

Above - then down the stairs - with lots of other walkers

Above - watched by a nice water dragon (most walkers seemed to miss seeing the lizard)

Above - below the top waterfall

Above - on National Pass

Above - Michael and John

Above - Emma and Claire on National Pass

Above - Sylvia Falls at the Valley of the Waters

Above - Empress Falls - popular with absquealers

Above - Empress Falls

Above - a few minutes later - lots more absquealers

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