Sydney Coastal Walking -North Head - 8 September 2014

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Two friends from Hobart, David and Melissa were passing through Sydney. They invited me to join them on a walk around North Head.

Above - Sydney Harbour from the Manly Ferry

Above - North Head

Above - Hmm.... looks a bit close to the rocks?

Above - Hornby Lookout on South Head

Above - Shelly Beach near Manly

Above - Looking along the coast

Above - Cabbage Palm Cove and Shelly Beach

Above - Under the cabbage palms at Shelly Beach

Above - Climbing up to the point

Above - In coastal heath

Above - This small lagoon was full of frogs

Above - Grevillea speciosa (Thanks Col Gibson for the id)

Above - Cunningham Skink (Egernia cunninghami)

Above - Old artillery site

Above - Boobook Owl (Ninox novaeseelandiae)

Above - Boobook Owl (Ninox novaeseelandiae)

Above - Great views of the Eastern Suburbs and the cliffs of Dover Heights

Above - Great views of Port Jackson and South Head

Above - Hornby Lighthouse on South Head

Above - Cliffs of North Head

Above - South Head and the city

Above - A wider view

Above - David and Melissa

Above - Collins Beach near Manly

Above - Cannae Point

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