Camp at October Creek and the Zig Zag Loop Walk  - 26 - 27 November 2016

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - John, Chuin Nee, Jasper, Sebastian, Dave

October Creek is a tributary of Du Faurs Creek near Mt Wilson. There is a fire road and then track going down to nice campsite.

Above - Fringe Lily - Thysanotus tuberosus

Above - October Creek area

Above - at the campsite

Zig Zag Loop Walk

We parked at the Zig Zag carpark and then followed the walking track that goes down to Zig Zag Station at the bottom. This was an attractive walk through plenty of wild flowers. We returned by following the railway line of the old Zig Zag.

Above - Native Iris - Patersonia longifolia

Above - Dampiera stricta

Above - Perhaps - Isopogon fletcheri (this had unbranched leaves, but I think it is perhaps a hybrid)

Above - Looking down at the Main Western Railway Line and the old Zig Zag formation

Above - John and Jasper walking through the heath

Above - The Zig Zag sheds

Above - Green Beak Orchid - Rimacola elliptica

Above - Green Beak Orchid - Rimacola elliptica

Above - Drosera binata

Above - Drosera binata

Above - Green Beak Orchid - Rimacola elliptica

Above - Chuin Nee and Sebastian

Above - Junk at the Zig Zag sheds

Above - the Zig Zag Station

Above - One of two goats that live at the Zig Zag

Above - heading up the narrow gauge tracks of the Zig Zag

Above - The first of two tunnels

Above - One of three viaducts

Above - Jasper likes walking along the railway

Above - Jacky lizard

Above - at the Signal Box

Above - Looking at one of the two zig zag sidings. The train would drive up the track, then the engine would be decoupled and it would use the second track to get back to the other end of the train.

Above - Damaged railway stock higher up

Above - About to enter the top tunnel - this one is very close to the top station and car park

Above - the tunnel is well lined with stone bricks

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