PBT - 2009

The SUBW President's Bludge Trip to the Kowmung River - October Long Weekend (3-5 October 2009)

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Party - Alex, Ashley, Mila, Jo, Steve, Tom, Lousia, David K, Bjorn, Sylvie, Shahriar, Kate, Albert, Rob, Roger, Peter H, Peter R, James, Dave N

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Day 2 - Kowmung River - Orange Bluff to near Ferny Flat - Morning
Day 2 - Kowmung River - Orange Bluff to near Ferny Flat - Afternoon
Day 3 - Hughes Ridge - Gingra Range - Kanangra Walls

Day 1 - Saturday 3 October, Kanangra Walls - Gingra Range - Brumby Ridge - Orange Bluff, Kowmung River

A wet weekend was forecast - and it did indeed rain for most of the hike - but we all had an excellent walk in magnificent country. Thanks for Alex for leading the walk, and to Ashley, Tom and Pete H for helping with the organisation.

Above - At Kanangra Walls carpark - Alex points out the route

Above - Setting off

Above - On the tarck

Above - The Kanangra Plateau is rather wet.....

Above - And the views are a bit limited.....

Above - Lousia and Sylvie resisit the urge to push Ashley off

Above - Albert

Above - Tom

Above - Orchid

Above - We stop for elevenses in the Coal Seam Cave

Above - Continuing along the Gingra Range

Above - Steve "Gus"

Above - small jelly fungi

Above - Lunch

Above - Kowmung Country

Above - Setting up camp at Orange Bluff on the Kowmung River

Above - "You can get it walking......" Gus, Tom and Pete enjoy a well earned beer

Above - The Kowmung River

Above - Orange Bluff

Above - MUsic teacher, Kate, leads the campfire singing

Above - Tom and Sylvie

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