PBT - 2010

The SUBW President's Bludge Trip to the Kowmung River - October Long Weekend (2-4 October 2010)

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Party - Mitchell, Martin, Steffy, German, Peter, Andrew, James, Helen, Ashley, Jo, Tim, Kosta, Mary, Marc, Gerald, Chris, Dave N

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The route was from the Boyd Plateau along the South Boyd Range via the Uni Rover Trail to the Kowmung River. Then on the second day we went down the river to the Christies Creek junction. On the third day we climbed out via Cambage Spire and the Bullhead Range to Kanangra Walls. Wet weather was forecast for the weekend - and the forecast turned out to be quite accurate.

Above - Forest - the Boyd Plateau

Above - Setting off along the Uni Rover Trail. Steffy, Martin, Peter and Mitch

Above - The Boyd Plateau

Above - Approaching a small swamp on the Plateau

Above - Still in the granite section of the Plateau

Above - The last of the granite batholith - enjoying the view from Lost Rock Lookout

Above - now on the South Boyd Range

Above - The South Boyd Range

Above - lunch at Mt Savage. It had started raining - and the rain continued for most of the rest of the long weekend

Above - beautiful in the mist

Above - moving on

Above - Hardenbergia violacea

Above - Enjoying the view at the top of Lanigans Spur

Above - the view.....

Above - more views

Above - photographing the view (or taking some close ups?)

Above - termite mound. These seem to be hollow. I wonder if the termites harvest fungi in the chamber inside?

Above - descending to the Kowmung River

At the bottom we crossed the river and went a climbed up to a good campsite.

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