PBT - 2011

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The PBT is the SUBW President's Bludge Trip - a walk that goes to the Kowmung River on the October Long Weekend. This year club president Helen was incapacitated with an injured knee - so the trip went to the upper Kowmung near Tuglow.

Party - Helen (President), James, Dave (Fritz) L, Nicole, Albert, Melissa, Chantal, Jenny, Mitch, Peggy, Crystal, George, Mary, Melanie, Casa and Dave N

Page 1 - Saturday 1st October

The photographs are continued on page 2 - Sunday and page 3 - Monday

Above - at the Friday night campsite - Chantal, Jenny, Melissa and Mary

Above - The Boyd Plateau

Above - Mary, Albert, Chantal amd Jenny

Above - granite boulder

Above - on the way down to the Kowmung River - Melissa, Jenny, Mary, Chantal and Peggy

Above - the campsite

Above - Peggy

Above - Fritz does some rafting

Above - the Kowmung River

Above - Casa and Albert

Above - crossing the Kowmung

Above - we went a short way into one of the caves at Tuglow - Chantal in the cave

Above - Jenny and Nicole

Above - Albert

Above - Mary and Melanie

Above - Nicole and Albert

Above - Chantal

Above - Jenny squeezes in

Above - Mary

Above - the frying pan bend on the Kowmung

Above - at the campfire - Chantal, Mitch and Fritz

Above - Melanie and Albert

Above - Jenny, Mary and Melissa

Above - Helen and Chantal

Above - Mitch, Jenny, Melanie and Melissa

Above - Jenny and Fritz

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