SUBW - President's Bludge Trip - 29 Sep - 1 Oct 2012

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Above - Hatchers Hollow

Above - Jo does some slack lining

Above - Red cedar (Toona ciliata) in Red Cliff Creek. This species is deciduous - and like many rainforest deciduous trees looses it leaves during the dry season

Above - Red Cedar (lower middle) and a Casurina

Above - Red Cliff Creek

Above - Red Cedar

Above - Red Cliff Creek

Above - Sydney Rock Orchid (Dendrobium speciosum)

Above - Mitch showing that it is possible to drink and slackline at the same time

Above - Peggy, Mitch, Helen, Chee and Grant

Above - Jo crossing the Kowmung

Above - the Kowmung River

Above - Peggy climbing up to Mt Doris

Above - small scorpion

Above - Kowmung Country

Above - late afternoon - Yerranderie Peak from Lost Rock

Above - woodlands - The Boyd Plateau

Above - cutting grass

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