The Presidents Bludge Trip - 3-5 October 2015

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Party - Kaushalya (President), Mitch, Chantal, Peggy, Steve, Patrick, Ashley, Damon, Lluisa, Dave, and we were joined by Roger on Sunday afternoon.

Route - Kananagra Walls - Gingra Range - Hughes Ridge - Ferny Flat - Kowmung River - Orange Bluff - Brumby Ridge - Gingra Range - Kanangra Walls

The PBT is a regular walk on the SUBW program. It goes to the Kowmung River on the October Long Weekend.

Above - Our starting point - Kanangra Walls

Above - Chantal, Kaushalya and Peggy

Above - At our campsite at Ferny Flat - Mitch, Chantal, Peggy, Steve

Above - At the fire - Steve, Peggy, Chantal, Patrick, Lluisa, Kaushalya, Mitch and Damon

Above - Kowmung River

Above - Crossing the river

Above - A river frontage house decorated by flowers

Above - Large flat at the bottom of Roots Ridge - a good place for lunch

Above - Lunch - Damon, Kaushalya, Lluisa, Ashley, Chantal, Mitch, Patrick, Peggy, Steve

Above - Peggy

Above - Lluisa

Above - Camp at Orange Bluff

Above - Kowmung River and Orange Bluff

Above - Some nice morels growing at the campsite

Above - Lunch in the shade at the Coal Seam Cave

Above - A nice Caladenia orchid

Above - Kanangra Deep - panorama

Above - Kanangra Deep

Above - Kanangra Deep

Above - A nice wallaby at the carpark - with joey (or 2?)

Above - Chantal and Mitch enjoy a cool drink

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