Pantoneys Crown Walk - 3-4 August 2013

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Party - Chantal, Mitch, Peter, Myles, Jane, Albert, Peggy, Dave

Thanks to Chantal for organising the trip.

Above - on the road below Baal Bone Gap

Above - a nice place to stop for lunch

Above - easy walking - Chantal and Mitch

Above - views of Pantoneys Crown through the trees

Above - colourful mistletoe

Above - Chantal and Mitch - on the way up to Pantoneys Crown

Above - scrambling up the cliffs

Above - Chantal

Above - Mitch likes the view

Above - on the top of Pantoneys Crown - Peter, Chantal, Jane and Myles

Above - Peter finds a small summit to climb

Above - rock formation on Pantoneys Crown - in the Gardens of Stone National Park

Above - western cliffline

Above - wattle

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