Pete Harvey Memorial Walk 11-12 May 2013

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Pete Harvey was a very well respected and admired walker in SUBW. He had served the club in many roles including a term as president. His sudden death shocked his friends from the club. On the weekend after his funeral service, Tom Murtagh of SUBW organised a memorial walk in the Baal Bone - Blue Rocks part of Gardens of Stone National Park. This was an area that Pete loved to walk in. We had a large contingent of walkers. Being a memorial for Pete Harvey, our original intention was to get to Mt Harvey near the Red Rocks. An ambitious plan! We almost made it. We camped about a kilometre south of the mountain and reached a high pagoda overlooking it on the Sunday morning.

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Above - Wolgan cliffs

Above - McLeans Gap

Above - Chantal in McLeans Gap

Above - Bjorn looks back at McLeans Gap

Above - Wolgan cliffs

Above - Capertee Cliffs

Above - Pantoneys Crown

Above - Baal Bone point and Pantoneys Crown

Above - traversing the tops

Above - at the Exploded Pagoda

Above - Bjorn at Blue Rock Gap

Above - lunch

Above - pinnace at Blue Rock Gap

Above - on the tops walking towards Mt Harvey

Above - Woolpack Rock

Above - Mt Dawson

Above - Chee looking towards Mt Harvey

Above - Albert on a scary overhang

Above - Oli on his first overnight walk

Above - Jiri and Cat taking in the view

Above - dusk

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