Porters Pass - Colliers Causeway - Centennial Glen  - 2 April  2016

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - John, Jasper, Sebastian, Dave

Above - Perhaps Cortinarius sp. aff. violaceus

Above - Jasper enjoys playing in the creek at Porters Pass

Above - the cliffs above Colliers Causeway

Above - Wasps and their nests

Above - Jasper finds some coloured leaves and plays traffic lights

Above - Sebastian is not impressed waiting for the red light to change

Above - the waterfall at the bottom of Gentennial Glen

Above - Above the waterfall the creek passes through a small canyon

Above - the plunge pool in the canyon

Above - Centennial Glen Canyon

Above - we go up these old stone steps to Fort Rock

Above - Great views of the cliffs nearby.

Above - we then head out to Barcoo Swamp to camp. We are joined by Enmoore and Stu, Steve, Chico, Danny, Rob and Keith

Above - a nice clear sky

The next day, many of us visit Rocky Creek Canyon.

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