Red Ledge Pass - Devils Hole - 16 July 2005

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Party - Doug Bock, Sally Partridge, Nick Murray, James Turton, David Oslington, Don Cameron, Tara Geldard, Dave Noble

Above - Mt Solitary from Narrow Neck

Above - Tara and Sally descending to the pass

Above - View from the pass. Note the big hole.

Above - the party - Dave Os, Doug, Nick (back row, l to r) Don, Tara, James and Sally

Above - Tree

Above - Don on the red ledge of Red Ledge Pass

Above - Tree

Above - Banksia

Above - Descending below the pass - Don, Sally, Nick and Doug

Above - Don explores an old shale mine

Above - Looking back at the pass. It goes along the middle ledge from left to near the right - where it descends an easy cleft.

Above - Dave Os on a chockstone in the Devils Hole

Above - Narrow Neck (climbing area) from the Devils Hole

Above - James on the chockstone

Above - looking down

Above - looking down

Above - looking down

Above - looking down into the Coxs Valley (Megalong)

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