Red Rocks Traverse - 10 - 12 June 2006

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Day 1 - Saturday

This trip was organised by Rachel Melrose from SUBW. On the saturday it was a bit wet - so we walked straight up to the campsite

Above - On the way up - Dave L, Tom, Rachel and Dave F

Above - a traffic jam in a small canyon

Above - We arrive at the campsite and get a (smoky) fire going

Above - Rachel makes a jaffle

Above - Our campsite - sheltered between pagodas

Above - nearby - a small canyon

Above - Rachel in the canyon

Above - Looking down into the small canyon - Audrey, Madlen, Dave F, Pete and Anton

Above - A rescue helicopter flying close by

Above - It lands on top of a nearby pagoda

Day 2 - Sunday

Above - Rachel does some sketching

Above - Our campsite

Above - Madlen (photo taken byAudrey)

Above - Scrambling up a pagoda

Above - Alex scrambling

Above - Looking back

Above - Some of the party - Dan, Tom, Anton, James, Dave L, Pete and Rachel

Above - More scrambling - Pete, Loren and Dave F

Above - Scrambling

Above - Dan, Loren, Rachel, Madlen and Dave L

Above - Loren, Richard (obscured) and Audrey

Above - Pinnacle

Above - Dan in a chimney

Above - Rock scupture

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