Red Rocks Walk - 24 - 25 September 2016

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - John, Chuin Nee, Jasper, Sebastian, Keith, Rob, Martin, Steffy, Stu, Su Li, Brent, Rik, Talia, Michael, Dan, Lauren

Above - Chuin Nee and Sebastian on the walk up Little Capertee Creek

Above - Jasper points out the way ahead to John

Above - Jasper, only 4 years old, did a great job walking most of the way up by himself.

Above - Jasper liked the sandy cave

Above - We catch up with the others at the campsite

Above - A pleasant spot to rest and enjoy the view

Above - Looking along the Red Rocks to Mt Dawson

Above - We enjoy and nice platter betfore dinner

Above - Su Li has brought up a nice bottle

During the night  - it started raining about 1:30 am, and the rain continued, light but steadily until around 8 am.

Above - Some chose to camp close to the view

Above - Others used more conventional shelter

Above - Jasper enjoys a jaffle for breakfast

Above - we spot this bower bird bower on the way down.

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