Red Rocks Walk - 25-28 April 2013

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Party - Dave Williams (leader), Su Li Sin, Martin Pfeil, Rob Hynes, Dave Noble

Day 1 - Newnes to Mt Dawson

Above - Dave and Martin on the pass up through the Wolgan cliffs

Above - looking down to Newnes in the Wolgan Valley. Mystery Mountain on the right.

Above - a multiplicity of slots!

Above - Martin and Su Li walking through pagoda country

Above - admiring the view

Above - Su Li and Rob

Above - late afternoon - from near our campsite - looking at Mt Dawson

above - Rob

Above - pagoda daisy - Leucochrysum graminifolium

Day 2 - Daytrip towards Collets Gap

Above - dawn - moon-set - Baal Bone Point and Pantoneys Crown

Above - climbing up to Mt Dawson

Above - Martin and Si Li

Above - pagoda daisy

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