Katoomba Lookouts - 21-22 February 2014

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We were heading out to the Red Rocks for a walk. Digi Dave and myself headed up earlier to stop at Katoomba for some photography from the lookouts and to look for some pink flannel flowers on Narrow Neck. Later we met up with Roger and his young son Jeremy and we camped on Narrow Neck.

The pink flannel flower (Actinotus forsythii) - growing on Narrow Neck at Katoomba

Above - Boar Head

Above - Grass Trees

Above - the Dog Face

Above - The Three Sisters from Eagle Hawk Lookout

Above - dawn - from a lookout on Narrow Neck - it didn't look too promising for photography.

Above - Digi Dave

Above - we stopped off again at the pink flannel flowers on the way back

We then met up with friends at Blackheath and then headed to Newnes for the Red Rocks Walk

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