Red Rocks Walk - 16 - 17 July 2011

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Party - Wendy, Rik, Digi Dave, Su Li, Michael, Albert, Dave N

It was Wendy's birthday - and what better to way to help her celebrate than by spending a weekend in the Red Rocks area of the Northern Blue Mts? It had been raining as we drove out to Newnes but this did not dampen our enthusiasm for a weekend in the bush. As it turned out - we had very little rain on the walk.

The photos are continued on two more pages - here and here.

Above - lunch in Little Capertee Creek

Above - Wendy

Above - further up the creek we explore a miniature canyon

Above - heading to our campsite in this nice defile

Above - Pantoneys Crown

Above - Digi Dave and Dave N (iDave) photo-pfaffing

Above - Mt Dawson

Above - rock formation

Above - Wendy

Above - Rik and Wendy

Above - it was sparkler time (thanks to Digi Dave for the sparklers)

Above - Su Li

Above - Rik and Wendy

Above - Wendy cuts the cake

Above - next morning - a bit misty....

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