Red Rocks Walk - 11 - 13 June 2016

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Party - Wendy, Dave

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We left Newnes and walked up Little Capertee Creek to the Red Rocks. On the way up, we noticed some nice fungi out -

Above - Puffballs- Lycoperdon pyriforme

Above - Mycena sp

Above - Cudoniella pezizoidea

Above - Chlorociboria aeruginascens

Above - Earthstar - Geastrum triplex

Above - Wendy enjoys the view

Above - The Red Rocks and the Blue Rocks and Pantoneys Crown

Above - One way to a higher level is up this crack

Above - Mts Canobla and Gundungaroo

Above - Looking along the Red Rocks to Mt Dawson

Above - Tayar Pic

Above - Sunset

Above - Dawn

Above - Baal Bone Point and Pantoneys Crown

Above - The Pagoda of Death. The route goes right up the face of this pagoda

Above - Wendy climbing up the pagoda

Above - We saw many flocks of these birds flying north along the tops. Probably Yellow faced Honeyeaters.

Above - Wendy getting water from a rock pool

Above - Looking back down Little Capertee Creek

Above - This tunnel provides a good shortcut

Above - Ross's Knob Pinnacle

Above - This canyon provides a good passage to the lower level

Above - Hmm....very bad ethics!!! The area should be left natural by visiting bushwalkers. Leaving a campfire like this is not acceptable

Above - Cliffs near Mt Dawson

Above - The Defile

Above - We spot another party of bushwalkers

Above - Great views on the way up Mt Dawson

Above - n the middle distance is the Wolgan-Capertee divide. Behind that is the Red Rocks (between Pt Nicholson and Pt Anderson), and in the far distances Mt Coricudgy.

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