Narrow Neck Passes - Mitchells Creek and Rock Pile Pass - 15 June 2016

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Bob, Dave

Above - Mt Solitary and the Jamison Valley from near the start of Narrow Neck

Above - Mt Solitary from further out on Narrow Neck

Above - At Coral Swamp we noticed these protected plants

Above - Bob descending to Mitchells Creek

Above - Lower down the creek is the pass - which makes use of this Coachwood tree.

Above - You climb down the tree using spikes

Above - We then traversed under the cliffs to Rock Pile Pass

Above - This narrow bit save time

Above - Looking back at Mitchells Creek and Black Billy Head

Above - The start of Rock Pile Pass - just left of the corner

Above - Lower down are two sections where fixed rope has been placed. You don't need to use the rope, but it does protect the vegetation.

Above - Great views on the way up

Above - the second section

Above - This takes you to the half way ledge - and "The Farside" climbing area.

Above - the Farside - sports climbing area

Above - Further along is the original rock pile

Above - Heath above the cliffs.

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