Royal National Park - Photo Essay - 21-22 August 2014

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

I took these photos on a walk from Helensburgh to Waterfall. I followed the Burgh Track to the Hacking River and then to Garawarra Farm. Then I descended to the coast at Era Beach. I followed the Coast Track north to Garie and then to Curracurrong and Eagle Rock. I then followed the Curra Moors Trail and the Wallumarra Trail to Bola Creek. From there I crossed the Hacking River and went up the Couranga Track to Waterfall.

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Helenburgh - Burgh Track - Garawarra Farm - Era - Garie - Curra Creek

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Above - Angophoras near the Burgh Track

Above - The Hacking River crossing

Above - Jelly Fungi (Calocera sp)

Above - Coral Fungi (Ramaria lorithamnus)

Above - Hardenbergia volacea

Above - Hibbertia dentata (thanks Thomas Glass for the id)

Above - Era Beach

Above - On the rock platforms between north and south Era

Above - Blue Bottles and pumice - washed up on the beach

Above - Garie Beach

Above - Garie

Above - Lots of washed up Blue Bottles on Garie Beach

Above - Cliffs near Garie Head

Above - Banksia spinulosa (Thanks Thomas Glass for the id)

Above - Boronia sp

Above - Coastal heath

Above - Caladenia sp (orchid)

Above - Coastal heath

Above - Curra Creek tumbles over the sea cliffs

Above - Curra Creek

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