Royal National Park Walk - 4 November 2012

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Digi Dave and myself started off from Wottamolla in Royal National Park and walked south to Curracurrang and then to Curracurrong before returning the same way. We were concentrating on photography on the trip - and scouting out vantage points for more photographic opportunities in the future.

Above - Digi Dave at Wottamolla Lagoon

Above - Wottamolla Lagoon

Above - waterdragon

Above - Wottamolla Beach

Above - Digi Dave inspects this nearby zawn

Above - coastal cliffs

Above - coastal heath

Above - Curracurrang Inlet

Above - fringe lilies

Above - the surf

Above - rock formation

Above - Curracurrang

Above - Digi Dave walking up the slabs of Curracurrang Creek

Above - a nice pool a short way up the creek

Above - heath wildflowers

Above - rock outcrop

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