Thor Head Walk - 13-14 October 2012

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This was a short walk out from Mt Victoria via Asgard Swamp to Thor Head for a high camp. I went out for the purpose  of taking photos from the Head. On Sunday I met up with Stu, Enmoore, Martin and Kath.

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Above - the first swamp

Above - pleasant walking along the firetrail

Above - the Asgard Swamp campsite

Above - Asgard Swamp

Above - scribbly gum

Above - waratah

Above - the Grose Valley from Thor Head

Above - on Thor Head

Above - boronia

Above - I set up camp on the track - on the ridge just below Thor Head

Above - tea tree (Leptospermum macrocarpum)

Above - Grose Cliffs

Above - Dalpura Head and the large pinnacle - Lost Pillar lit up in the sun on the right (note its shadow)

Above - Burra Korain Head

Above - Thor Head from my camp

Above - Birribang Creek

Above - Lost Pillar (harder to see this time)

Above - a storm was approaching..... was I going to get any nice light for my sunset photos.... That "crack"  on the right looks promising. The sun will soon be below the cloud layer.

Above - the nice light arrives - but so does the rain!

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