Glenbrook - Campfire Ck - Grey Hat Falls - 29 November 2014

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Chuin Nee, John, Jasper and Dave

We walked from the National Park Visitor Centre down to the Causeway, then up the track up Campfire Ck, and the Link Track to the Red Hand Cave Fireroad. Then along the road to the track to Grey Hat Falls and Kanuka Brook.

Above - Trigger Plant (Stylidium productum)

Above - Grey Spider Flower (Grevillea buxifolia)

Above - Geebung (Persoonia sp)

Above - Aboriginal sharpening grooves in Campfire Ck

Above - Mountain dragon (Rankinia diemensis)

Above - We enjoy a swim in the Crayfish Pool at Grey Hat Falls

Above - Jasper and John

After lunch at the pool, we  returned to the Red Hand Cave Fireroad and then went via Red Hand Cave back to the Causeway for another swim and then back up the hill to the visitor centre.

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