Uloola Falls - Karloo Pool Walk - Royal National Park - 15 June 2013

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A solo walk from Waterfall to Heathcote. I don't think I had visited these places before. The weather forecast had been for it being a bit windy and wet. The day turned out fairly sunny, with no rain. I didn't want to photograph waterfalls in bright sunlight - so  I was a bit dismayed. This walk had been on my list of places to visit in wet weather. But luckily for me, when I was at Uloola Falls - there was reasonable cloud cover - so I had some soft lighting.

I found this a pleasant and rewarding walk with lots to see. Despite being winter - there were quite a few wildflowers in bloom and perhaps I should have carried a macro lens (The flower shots here were taken with a standard zoom and then cropped).

Above - scribbly gum

Above - Uloola Falls

Above - smooth barked apple (Angophora costata - Sydney Red Gum)

Above  below the falls. It is easy to scramble down on either side.

Above - Uloola Falls

Above - creek detail below the falls - boulders and watergums.

Above - Uloola Falls

It was quite difficult to find a vantage spot that would give a good view of all the falls. I checked the pools a bit upstream of the falls. I didn't go far enough up however. There is another smaller waterfall (more of a cascade) a little bit upstream.

Above - the campsite at Uloola Falls, behind the Angophora is a bit worn.

Above - a type of Dillwynia?

Above - tea tree

Above - aboriginal sharpening grooves - not far from the Falls

Above - the rock platform also has some good carvings

Above - kangaroo carving

Above - these small wildflowers were very abundant

Above - on Uloola Turrents (rock formations)

Above - the city is not far away

Above - Grevillea

Above - small cascades at Karloo Pool

Above - Karloo Pool - very clear water

Above - Heath Banksia (Banksia ericifolia)?

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