Uloola Falls - Kangaroo Creek Walk - 12 July 2013

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Digi Dave, Dave N

Route - Heathcote - Karloo Pool - Uloola Falls - Audley Track - Kangaroo Creek - Bottle Forest - Heathcote

Above - Coral Fungi on the track to Karloo Pool

Above - small cascade above the Karloo Pool

Above - the Karloo Pool - crystal clear!

Above - Grevillea

Above - small waterfall above Uloola Falls

Above - the lower section of Uloola Falls

Above - aboriginal rock carving - a kangaroo?

Above - another carving

Above - sharpening grooves

Above - the track to Audley went through heath and open rocky tops like this

Above - Digi Dave enjoys the view

Above - the causeway at Audley

Above - banksia

Above - Kanagroo Creek

Above - a small side creek just downstream

Above - Kangaroo Creek

Above - tea tree

Above - banksia

Above - the Bottle Forest

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