Frank Walford's Cave and Walls Cave - 26 May 2015

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Bob, Dave

We first visited Frank Walford's Cave. It is located near Mt Carne - on the cliffs above Arethusa Canyon. Neither of us had visited the cave before and it sounded an interesting place. Frank Walford was a former Mayor of the Blue Mountains and a novellist as well as an expert bushman. he used the cave as a private retreat.

Above - In the cave

Above - relics

Above - Higher up is the larder - with some old tins

Above - the ladder to the larder looked a little unsafe - so we didn't climb up to it.

Above - Bob in the cave

Above - Old pots, pans, cups and a jaffle iron

Above - a mouldy old magazine (someone had placed this and more in a plastic bag - which was not a good idea)

Above - We speculated that these structures in the cave may have been used to collect and store water

Walls Cave - Near Blackheath

Above - Approaching the cave

Above - On the way to the cave you pass this small canyon

Above - In the cave - an important aboriginal site

Above - The track

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