Waverton - Balls Head - Berry Island - Wollstonecraft  - 29 March 2016

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Party - Stephen, Rob, Dave

Above - On the track - Rob and Stephen

Above - this spider looks a bit incomplete

Above - Near Waverton

Above - Aboriginal engraving near the old Coal Loader

Above - Coprinus sp. Their caps are in the process of auto-digesting.

Above - Angophoras on Balls Head

Above - Leucocoprinus fragilissimus

Above - Sydney Harbour Bridge and Blues Point Tower

Above - Isopods, perhaps Marine Slaters - Ligia australiensis

Above - Cruentomycena viscidocruenta

Above - Balls Head track

Above - Earth Star Puffball - Geastrum triplex

Above - Goat Island and the city

Above - Looking up the harbour from Balls Head

Above - Our next objective - Berry Island is just behind Rob and Stephen

Above - Banksia sp

Above - Earth Star Puffball - Geastrum triplex

Above - Ball Head track

Above - Heading down to Oyster Cove

Above - old gasworks

Above - we cross this bridge into Badangi Reserve

Above - a beautiful small beach (except for the odd plastic bottle washed up on it......)

Above - Looking back at Balls Head

Above - On Berry Island

Above - Aboriginal engraving

Above - On Berry Island

Above - on the track going up Berrys Creek you can see this old mine

Above - Waterdragon

Above - Kookaburra

Above - Berrys Creek

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