Wolgan Tops Walk   21 - 22 June 2008

Google Earth Images

Above - GPS plots of most of the walk. The red shows the pass up the cliff to the big pagoda. The first green path shows the route to our campsite. The two gaps show sections when I forgot to restart the GPS track after lunch. The batteries ran out just before the pass down on the right and the walk back along the road. The extreme top of the route is Mt Dawson.

Above - Another view of the walk - also showing Donkey Mtn

Above - The pass up - which was excellent - involving route finding and easy scrambling.

Above - Here the GPS plot does a good job showing our route through some pagodas late on the first day

Above - This was the section we walked along the spectacular cliffline between Point March and Mt Dawson rather than walking along the cliffline. Good views all the way.

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