Wollangambe River - Pollution Clean-up - 6 December 2015

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Alex Alchin had organised a large group of people to head out to the Wollangambe River to see how the clean up was going and to help work on it.

Above - Some of the group. Over 40 bushwalkers joined in.

Above - Brunonia australis

Above - walking out to the Wollangambe River

Above - Close to the river

Above - Looking down at the black water of the Wollangambe River. The colour is due to discharge from the Clarence Colliery upstream.

Above - The nasty black sludge - coal fines

Above - Some of the coal fines that were carried out

Above - Large Duck Orchid - Caleana major

Above - Brunonia australis

Above - Grevillea laurifolia

Above - Dogs Vomit slime mould - Fuligo septica

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